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This free JAMB Government past questions and answers practice 2024 exam has 40 questions to be answered in 30 minutes. This JAMB Government practice exam is a 30 minutes exam and you're expected to attempt 40 objective questions. The exam contains questions from wide range of topics in Government including questions from the topics listed in JAMB Government syllabus and questions from JAMB Government past questions.

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JAMB Government Questions and Answers 2024

Let me blow your mind with this JAMB Government exam secrets. One of the most the easiest way to study and prepare effectively for JAMB government exam is to use JAMB area of concentration for Government 2024 .

I pretty know that a lot of candidates are longing to know the topics that JAMB government questions 2024 will be set from, likewise, some are longing to know the likely or repeated questions that will come out in JAMB government.

But the truth is, you don’t really need those expo and runz… With just JAMB Government past questions and answers practice and JAMB area of concentration for government, you can blast all the JAMB government questions.

Well, we have already provided the needed JAMB Government past questions and answers in the government practice exam above and now, I am about to share some of the JAMB areas of concentration for government.

JAMB Government Area of Concentration 2024

You can’t just start studying everything you see just because it is listed on your textbook. There are topics that are far more important than others and that’s why using area of concentrate while studying for JAMB is very important.

Note: The purpose of this area of concentration is to help you know the areas you should concentrate more on, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create time to cover other minor areas that are not listed here.

Below are some of the JAMB areas of concentration for government as extracted from JAMB syllabus.

Elements of Government

Basic concepts in government: this includes studying and understanding everything about Power, Right, Legitimacy, Authority, Sovereignty, Society, State, Nation, Nation-State and political processes like Political Socialization, Political Participation and Political Culture.

Forms of Government: this includes knowing the definition, features, advantages and disadvantages of different forms of government like Monarchy, Aristocracy, Oligarchy, Autocracy, Republic, Democracy.

Arms of Government: know the types, structure, functions, and the power of the different arms of government.

Structures of Governance: learn about different functions, features and roles of different structures of governance like the Unitary, Federal, Confederal.

Now, makes sure you study everything including the definitions, structures, features, advantages and disadvantages of the following:

  • Systems of Governance (Presidential, Parliamentary and Monarchical)
  • Political Ideologies (communalism, feudalism, capitalism, socialism, fascism and communism)
  • Constitution
  • Principles of Democratic Government
  • Processes of Legislation
  • Citizenship
  • Electoral Process especially in Nigeria
  • Party Systems
  • Pressure Groups
  • Public Opinion
  • Civil Service:
  • Human rights in Nigerian including Cases and the constitutions around it

Political Development in Nigeria

Precolonial Politics in Nigeria: this includes the type of political system practice in Nigerian before colonialism like the political system of Sarauta, Emirate, Tiv, Igbo, Yoruba.

Imperialist Penetration: study and understand the British process of acquisition, trade, missionary activities, company rule, crown colony, and protectorate.

British colonial administrative policy: Study the administrative system that was used by the British on different regions in Nigeria.

Impact of the British colonial administration: Study the Impact of British colonial rule on the economic, politics, and socio-culture

Process of Decolonization: take note of significant dates and names that contributed to the decolonization in Nigeria.

Post Independence Constitutions: study everything about the 1963, 1979, 1989 and 1999 constitutions.

Public Commissions Establishment: like the Civil Service Commission, the Public Complaints Commission, Electoral Commissions and others.

Subsequently, study everything including the functions, structures, features, advantages and disadvantages, and the implementation of the following:

  • Political Parties in the Post Independence Period
  • The Structure and Workings of Nigerian Federalism
  • Creation of States in Nigeria and their dates of creation
  • Public Corporations and Parastatals
  • Local Government
  • The Military in Nigerian Politics like military intervention; structure of military regimes; impact of military rule

Nigeria and the International Community

Foreign Policy: know the possible definitions, purposes, influence, factors, advantages and disadvantages of a foreign policies.

International Organizations: study everything about the following organisations:

  • United Nations
  • Commonwealth
  • Organization of African Unity
  • African Union
  • Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)
  • The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

Study their Origin, objectives, structure, functions, achievements, influence on Nigeria and their role in decision makings

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