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We're glad you want to participate in the JAMB Mathematics CBT Practice exam... This is a free JAMB Mathematics Practice Exam with 40 questions that are selected at random.

You have just 30 minutes to attempt the 40 questions, so manage your time well. You'll see your result at the end of this practice exam.


  1. Each of these questions has just one correct answer
  2. You can skip a question and answer later

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JAMB Mathematics Questions 2024

JAMB Mathematics questions are usually complicated questions that require good understanding of mathemical concepts and the application of mathemical laws, principles and rules.

To Make the best out of JAMB mathematics exam, you have to understand the necessary secondary school level mathematics rules, and formulas.

In the exam hall, you need to read the questions carefully to understand what rules or formula is to be applied before you start attempting, or before choosing any option.

The idea here is to understand the questions very well. There are some mathematics questions that demand less time and there are others that requires more time to calculate.

Duration for JAMB Mathematics Exams:

The time expected to attempt all your JAMB Mathematics questions should not exceed 50 minutes. Remember that you have three subjects to tackle.

JAMB gives a total of 120 minutes to write the 4 subjects. So if you spend 40 minutes on mathematics, you’ll be left with 80 minutes for the other three subjects.

If you are not good in mathematics, then do not waste all your time in trying to solve the questions, rather use the time to tackle the subjects you know, and then come back to maths at the end.

JAMB Mathematics Repeated Questions 2024

There are many mathematics Questions that candidates may not fail to see every year in JAMB mathematics. These are what we address as “repeated questions“.

Majority of JAMB mathematics Questions are actually repeated questions. These Questions may serve as bonus questions to candidates who make good use of their Past Questions, like practicing it.

Personally, I use advice candidates to always study the past questions for the past 4 to 6 years. This will help them to source for questions that are mostly repeated in JAMB mathematics or any other subjects.

JAMB Mathematics Likely Questions 2024

Likely Questions are different from repeated questions but are a bit repeated. Jamb mathematics likely questions are questions that may possibly appear in the exam.

Such questions may be questions from past JAMB mathematics exams, practice questions, revision questions from textbooks, summary questions or assumed questions.

In this case, you are not hundred percent sure that these questions will come out but at least, you are positive that they will possibly or may possibly come out in the exam.

The best thing to do with this kind of questions is not to cram them, but to study how they are solved so that, if similar questions come out in the exam you’ll be able to apply the knowledge of the solving to solve them.

JAMB Mathematics Expo Runs 2024

JAMB mathematics expo which is sometimes called JAMB mathematics runs is an illegal practice of providing answers to the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) mathematics examination questions to candidates before or during the exam.


I’m sure a lot of candidates are always longing for JAMB expo, because they see it a s a simple way to pass JAMB.

But that’s not…

There are several reasons candidates may want to use JAMB mathematics expo. Some think it’s the simplest way.

Others do it because they believe that it is the only way to succeed in the exam, while others are simply trying to take advantage of the system.

Don’t put your mind in JAMB mathematics runs…

There are several reasons why you should never associate or hope for JAMB mathematics expo and some of those reasons are:

  • JAMB expos are not real because each candidates will have different set of questions.
  • It is illegal and can lead to prosecution.
  • This practice is an unfair to the system, JAMB body and to other candidates

Tips to Prepare for JAMB Mathematics Exam

Below are few helpful tips for preparing for the JAMB mathematics exam 2024:

  • Start preparing as early as possible even before the registration commences
  • Always make a study schedule or timetable
  • Study with the JAMB mathematics syllabus
  •  Make sure you understand the concepts and principles of mathematics
  • Practice JAMB mathematics past questions exams always
  • Get help from other people like tutor or join a JAMB class.

I believe with this JAMB Mathematics practice exam 2024, you’ll be able tackle this exam and come out in flying colors.

4.2 6 votes
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