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About JAMB CBT Practice 2024 Platform?

First of all, cbtpractice.com.ng is not in any way affiliated with, nor is it owned by or operated by JAMB or any of its officials, neither does it claim to represent JAMB or any of its subsidiaries.

The aim of this website IS NOT to share JAMB expo, expose or leak JAMB questions, or bridge JAMB’s exam conducts code, but to provide potential candidates with likely questions which they can practice as a means of preparation for the exam.

Just like the likes of the awajis JAMB CBT, the testdriller UTME app, myschool and awajis JAMB practice online, the myschool JAMB app, edsofta JAMB CBT app, flashlearners JAMB app, scholarly JAMB CBT app, and the rest, the CBT Practice App gives a more friendly online and offline experience.

Free 2024 JAMB CBT Practice Online: No sign up, No Activation pin

One biggest problems with some CBT Practice websites or app is that they’ll ask you to either register, sign up, log in or buy activation pin before you can use them, but here we bring you a good news.

We launch Cbtpractice.com.ng as a free JAMB CBT Practice 2024 portal were you can practice and prepare for the 2024 JAMB exam without signing up, logging in or buying activation pin.

Whether you’re preparing to participate in 2024 JAMB exam or you just want to refresh your memory, this free JAMB CBT app 2024 will be suitable for you.

With this, you won’t need to waste your data in download JAMB app, JAMB CBT software or even buying activation pin.

Instead of spending data to download JAMB CBT app 2024, or JAMB CBT software 2024, you can use this our free JAMB CBT app online or offline for free.

Why you Should Use CBT Practice?

The reasons why you should use our CBTPractice.com.ng is because we are 100% free, no signing up, no logging in, no purchasing of activation pin, the interface is very friendly, you use the website online or offline, and the questions are authentic.

If you don’t have money to pay for CBT training, then enjoy this free JAMB practice 2024 exam, it is a free online CBT training for JAMB candidates that are writing their exam this year.

Join other candidates to take our JAMB practice online free and also get a free JAMB CBT training online.

How Our Online CBT Practice Works?

Now, let me tell you how this CBT Practice 2024 works…

This is more like a JAMB CBT app. It’s the latest JAMB CBT 2024 online practice website. You can take this JAMB quiz online for free without having to subscribe or download anything.

We created this JAMB CBT practice portal to give candidates access to free online JAMB CBT training.

Engaging in, and using this JAMB CBT training website will save you from paying unnecessary amount of money to CBT centers for training or on buying activation pins.

Instead of looking for cracked JAMB CBT app 2024 or JAMB CBT software to download, try this to enable you practice for free.


Please, I will strongly advise you not to download cracked JAMB CBT software because cracked JAMB CBT practice software can expose your computer to vulnerabilities, viruses and cyber attacks.

How to Practice JAMB CBT Test 2024 Online

Below are step by step guide on how to Practice Jamb CBT Online 2024 with pictures to guide you.

Step by Step Guide:

Step 1: Launch the site

Visit cbtpractice.com.ng – Below is a picture that shows how the website looks like:

Free JAMB CBT Practice Website interface
CBT Practice

Step 2: Choose Subject

On that same page, scroll down to where you see the list of subjects and select the subject you want. Below is a picture of how the subject section looks like:

Choose exam subject section of our CBT Practice Website

In my case, I selected Chemistry and it took me to the Chemistry Practice Test page were I was able to take the exam.

Step 3: Choose Exam Level 

If you wish to choose exam level, then you can do that under this section as shown below.

Choose exam level button

Clicking the drop-down icon will reveal the available levels as shown in the picture below:

Exam levels

Note: you can only choose one level, you can also decide to start the exam without choosing any level.

Step 4: Start Exam

Whether you selected exam level or not, you can click on the “START EXAM” button as shown below to start the exam:

CBT Practice start exam button

Note: kindly remember to read the exam instructions before you hit the start button so as to know the instructions for that subject.

Understanding the Exam Interface, Buttons and What they Stand for

Below is a screenshot of how the exam interface looks like and some of the buttons you’ll see with their specific functions:

CBT Practice Exam Interface, Buttons and What they Stand for

This is how the exam interface looks like. Now, let me explain each of the buttons you’ll see in the page, what the stand for and how to use the platform and navigate without having issues.

Remaining Time:

The first thing you’ll see at the top of the exam interface is the exam timer with the caption “Remaining Time” as shown in the image below…

CBT Practice exam timer

The essence of this timer is to inform you how much time you’ve spent and how much time is left. This is the same thing in JAMB main exam.

Focusing on the timer will build time consciousness in your mind and hence, will help you to use your time judiciously and also keep to the exam time.

Questions Bar:

The question bar is a preview of the number of questions are available in the exam. It is mainly for navigation purpose as shown below.

Questions Bar to preview the number of questions that are available in the exam.

Let me explain this question bar in detail. When you are on the exam interface on a mobile device, you’ll only see about two lines of this question bar because of your screen size, but to see the full question bar, you’ll need to click on the “Exam-Summary” button as shown below.

Exam summary to view the summary of the practice exam

That will enable you to navigate to this question bar to see all the questions.

Go Back to Next and Previous:

Viewing the question bar means that you won’t see the next and previous button again, so to navigate to any question, you’ll need to click on the question’s number, like 10, 2, 5 or any number you wish and that will take you back to the NEXT and PREVIOUS button navigation.

The Question Bar Colouring:

Question numbers in the question bar will have three colours which are green, yellow and white.

The Green colour indicates that you’ve answered the question, yellow indicates that you’ve selected the question as ANSWER LATER, while the white indicates that you’ve not taken or made any decision or action on the question yet.


If you meet a question that is tough and you don’t want to answer yet, or you’ve answered but you’re not sure of it and will want to come back and recheck the question before submitting, then you navigate to the question and click on ANSWER LATER. This will change the question number’s colour to yellow.

The Option Bar

The option bar comprises of the detailed exam question, the multi-choice options, the radio buttons, the previous, hint and next buttons. I will explain each of them below.

The option bar showing the detailed exam question, the multi-choice options, the radio buttons, the previous, hint and next buttons.

Radio Buttons:

To select any option as your answer, you’ll have to click on the radio button beside the option as shown in the image above.


The previous button is to take you back the question you’ve just passed.


The next button is to take you to the question you want to attempt.


The hint button is mostly for questions that have additional information which you may need to enable you solve the problem. Example of hints are formulas, laws, constant, etc.

Summarize, End and Submit Exam

When you get to the last question in any of these exams, you’ll see the Exam Summary button. All you need to do is to click on it and you’ll see a summary of your exam as shown below.

End and submit exam button

The exam summary will inform you of how many questions you’ve completed and how many are left unattempted.

If you’re please with this, then you can click on the END & SUBMIT button to end the exam.

Practice Result

The result page contains detailed information about your performances in the exam. Below is an example of the result page.

The result page showing detailed information about candidate's performances in the exam.

All the details on the result page are self-explanatory that even a lay man will understand.

Post your Result.

If you think your result is worth seeing on the result sheet, then this is the option that enables you to publish your result into the result sheet for others to see.

Publish or post result in the result sheet

To post your result, enter your name and email and then click on SEND. That will automatically publish your name, your score and aggregate on the result page.

Still under here, you can click on RESTART EXAM to take the exam again, you can click on CHECK CORRECTIONS to view the questions you got wrong or right

Result sheet:

CBT Practice Result sheet

The result sheet looks like the one that appears in the image above.


Please kindly know that this is not JAMB Exam result but the CBT Practice Training Result and you can’t use this score to gain admission into any school.

So to avoid unnecessary casualties, we’ve disabled the download option, so you can not download, or print the result.

How to Download JAMB CBT Practice 2024: Free Download?

It’s simple, you can easily install the CBT Practice App by hitting the install button as shown in the image below:

Download CBT Practice App installation for free by cbtpractice.com.ng

Note: you’ll see this pop up at the bottom of your phone screen. Installing this will enable you to use this website even offline.

JAMB CBT Practice Questions and Answers 2024

CBT Practice platform comprises of JAMB CBT practice questions and answers. Each subject has 40 questions with a range of options ranging from option A to D or E for each questions.

Interestingly, each question carries 10 marks and each subjects is graded at 400 with aggregate score (rating).

Each of the subjects has a result sheet where participants can enter their results to see who is the best performing participant.

Also, each subject has a discussion forum where participants can discuss solely on one subject, share ideas, ask questions and solve problems together.

Is JAMB CBT Practice free?

Yes! JAMB CBTPractice.com.ng platform is free for all participants. JAMB CBT Practice is free on cbtpractice.com.ng, you don’t need to sign up, login or pay any activation pin. It is 100% free to use.

JAMB Past Questions and Answers Practice 2024

80% of JAMB questions come from JAMB past questions. JAMB had been in existence since 1978 till date and hence, they may not even have to set new questions.

One of the secrets of passing JAMB Exam excellently is to study JAMB past questions.

If you can cover all the JAMB past questions from 2015 till date and perfect them, your chances of scoring very high is JAMB is 80%.

But the funny thing is that these past questions are not free in the market and hence, candidates who can’t afford will end up not benefitting from the opportunity.

As such, we decided to make it easier for such candidates by providing this free JAMB Past Questions and Answers Practice on cbtpractice.com.ng.

Our practice exam is majorly JAMB past questions and answers practice which is 100% free. You don’t even need to register or login before you can use it.

Can I download JAMB CBT on my laptop?

Yes! You can download and install the CBT Practice Software on your laptop and start using it for free without signing up or logging in.

All you need to do is to visit cbtpractice.com.ng and then click on the install button as shown in the picture below

CBT Practice Software download button

How to activate JAMB CBT Practice Software?

The CBT Practice.com.ng Software activation is simple and it’s free. To activate, visit cbtpractice.com.ng, download and install the software, launch it in your system, enter your special pin and enjoy the practice.

Note: the activation is only required for the offline CBT Practice version for PC users. But the online PC version does not require any activation.

What is the website to practice JAMB questions?

The best website to practice JAMB questions for free without being asked to sign up is cbtpractice.com.ng. It is 100% and accurate.

Other platforms may ask you to sign up or pay for pin. But with cbtpractice.com.ng, their CBT Practice is 100% free.

What app can I use to practice for JAMB?

There are many CBT practice apps that are good. But according to users recommendations, we approve myschoolgist, myschool, 03School JAMB apps to be the best.

Which CBT app is for free?

The CBT Practice App owned by cbtpractice.com.ng is the best 100% free CBT app. No access pin, no sign up and no subscription.

For further information about the 2024 JAMB Exam, Visit the official JAMB website here. Thanks for trusting us and good luck!